Tide Predictions Chart

Ganges Harbour, British Columbia

The high tides and low tides for today and the next 2 days can be seen below in a nice graph.

[iframe: src=”http://tbone.biol.sc.edu/tide/tideshow.cgi?site=Ganges+Harbour,+British+Columbia&type=graph&gx=490&gy=180&glen=3&cleanout=1&killsun=1&fontsize=-1″ frameborder=”0″ width=”100%” height=”600″ scrolling=”no”]

Note that these are predictions, and may be influenced by many unrelated factors, such as strong winds, heavy rains, etc. Use entirely at your own risk.
These predictions for low and high tides for Ganges Harbour, British Columbia, are for reference only – use this tide information as an approximate guide only!