HASSI Fee Schedule

All fees can be paid at the Harbour Office with cash, check, debit or credit cards (except AMEX). US fund checks need to add $5.00 for bank processing fees. Honor payment envelops and drop boxes are available at all facilities and can be used to process cash or check payments.

Transient Moorage: Ganges Kanaka Harbour and Breakwater Float

Transient moorage is limited to 72 hours during the period May 15 – Sept 15, except where authorized by the Harbour Manager. Ganges is a zero-discharge harbor and vessels equipped with holding tanks are encouraged to use the pump-out station located at the Breakwater Float.
There is no fee for water but no wash down of vessels is allowed.  Water is turned off in the winter to prevent freezing of lines.
All moorage fees are payable in advance
Transient rate is $1.00 (taxes in) per foot per day based overall length of the vessel, including swim grids, and bowsprits.

A daily service fee (lights, security, garbage, WiFi, water, sewage) of $2.00 per day is charged for all vessels.

During the working day (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM) two hours free moorage is available. After 2 hours, half of the daily rate will apply (.50 per foot) and after 4:00 PM the full daily rate will apply.
Check out is at 10:00 AM the following morning.


Large Green Dumpster located at the Harbour Office at Centennial Harbour. Intended for the equivalent of household garbage, i.e. no hazardous materials, metal, wood or lumber, engine parts etc) No recycling is available at this time.

Open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (do not leave your garbage on the ground if the container is locked)

  • Small bag $2.00
  • Medium bag $4.00
  • Large bag $6.00

Power (all harbours)

Note that effective 1 August 2017 the monthly fee for power will increase to $55.00 plus tax

30 amp power connections are installed at Centennial, Kanaka and the Breakwater. The connectors at Kanaka have all been upgraded with new 30 amp breakers.  Proper twist lock marine connectors are required or service will be denied. No ‘pig tails’ permitted. Rates are per plug:

  • Daily rate $5.00
  • Monthly $50.00 plus tax (applies to monthly or quarterly moorage agreements)

Boat Ramp

Located adjacent to the Harbour Office at Centennial Harbour. Paid boat ramp use allows parking of the trailer only (space permitting) in the designated trailer lane for up to 48 hours. Towing may occur after this period.

  • Single Use $7.25
  • Annual Sticker (Calendar year) $42.00


Limited parking is available at the Centennial lot adjacent to the Harbour Office. Parking tickets are available from a dispenser at either end of the parking lot or from the Harbour Office. All proceeds are returned annually to local charities.

  • Per hour $1.00

Hydraulic Crane

Located on the Breakwater Wharfhead (beside the Coast Guard building), the crane is locked and available for lauthorized personnel. Booking and key access via the Harbour Office.

  • Per use $30.00 plus tax


  • Usage more than 3 hours $80.00 plus tax

Monthly/Quarterly Moorage

Only available at Centennial (year round), Fulford Inner (year round) and Kanaka (1 October – 30 April)

  • Quarterly rate for recreational vessels $9.45 per foot plus tax
  • Monthly rate for recreational vessels $3.50 per foot plus tax

Centennial Harbour Reserve Fees

  • Dinghy float $50.00 per month plus tax
  • Small boat floats $20.00 per month plus tax (charged quarterly) plus moorage fee
  • First float commercial $500.00 per year plus tax, plus moorage fee

Transient Moorage Fees : Vesuvius, Fulford Outer, Burgoyne and Musgrave

Honor payment envelops and drop boxes are available at all facilities and can be used to process cash or check payments. US fund checks need to add $5.00 for bank processing fees. Wharfingers make regular visit to the docks to collect fees from the honor payment boxes and to make note of any maintenance requirements.

Posted prices are rounded off to the nearest dollar to facilitate cash payment

Current fees for these facilities are: (the posted tables cover longer lengths)

Length feet $ Length feet $ Length feet $ Length feet $ Length feet $
6 5 13 11 20 15 27 20 34 26
7 5 14 11 21 16 28 21 35 27
8 6 15 12 22 17 29 22 36 28
9 7 16 13 23 18 30 23 37 28
10 8 17 13 24 18 31 23 38 29
11 9 18 14 25 19 32 25 39 30
12 10 19 15 26 20 33 26 40 30


The system has been upgraded with a completely new pump and the electrical cable has been replaced.

Located in Ganges at the foot of the ramp to the Breakwater Float, the Pump out is available to all boaters. Pump out is enclosed in a green and grey plastic shed with a sliding roof and swing doors. This portion of the float is reserved (painted yellow) just for the pump out and a potable water outlet is available on the opposite side of the float. The pump out is shut down during the winter months to prevent freezing of the lines. Instructions on use are posted on the pump.

Per cycle (approx 7 minutes) $10.00 (two loonies and 4 toonies)