Fulford Harbour

Fulford Harbour

Fulford Harbour

48 46.1 N 123 27.0 W

Fulford Outer Harbour

Located immediately south of the BC Ferries terminal on the north side of the harbor, Fulford Outer is in the heart of downtown Fulford and all the amenities it offers. The float is designated as a transient use facility. Transient rates are posted (see Rates) at the wharfhead and an honor pay box with payment envelopes provided. A wharfinger regularly attends the facility to collect fees from the honor box and to note any maintenance requirements. There are no services available but emergency electrical service can be accessed by contacting the Harbour Office. Bathrooms are normally available on the adjoining BC Ferries dock during normal working hours and bus service is available. There is a designated area on the float for Water Ambulance, loading and water taxis. The float has night illumination.

Fulford Outer Harbour is a former Ministry of Transport facility that was transferred to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in April 1996. HASSI assumed control of this facility January 15, 1997. The lease includes the waterlot and wharf on Lot 394, Cowichan District. This facility consists of a 12.2m by 24.4m wharfhead accessed from a 4.9m by 27.6m approach. Both are wood planked although a small section at the top of the approach is also asphalt covered. On the northwest side of the wharfhead there is a steel gangway with wooden planking and a steel mesh grid, which is 1lm long and l.2m wide. This leads to a float, which is 3.4m by 16.6m.

On the northwest corner of the wharfhead the HASSI has a small tin shed which is approximately 3m by 6m. There is also a privately owned shed located on the southeast side of the head of the approach. It is located outside of the lease area, but accessed through waterlot 394 through contract agreement. There is a derrick on the wharfhead with electric winch for the use of the public. The derrick is locked and can be accessed by contacting the Harbour Office.

Fulford Inner Harbour

Located immediately north of the BC Ferry terminal, this facility is primarily used as a homeport for fishing and recreation boats. A waiting list, to obtain a long term moorage assignment, is maintained in the Harbour Office and HASSI policy prohibits live aboards. There is currently no room for transient users. Fulford Inner Harbour is in waterlot 399, Cowichan District. The BC Ferry terminal provides good protection from the south and east.

The float is approached from an 86.9m long wooden pedestrian approach trestle and a steel gangway with wooden planking and a steel mesh grid which is 1lm long and l.2m wide. The float is 2.7m by 36.4m. There is potable water (isolated during the winter months), lighting, and shore power at this Fulford facility. There are no garbage facilities.