Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island HASSI

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Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Eight facilities in five harbours on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, operated by the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island.

History of the HASSI

The Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island (HASSI) was incorporated by Letters Patent on May 23, 1990 and this year celebrates its 25th Anniversary.  It is a Not for Profit body corporate under the Canada’s Corporation Act. The facilities included in the initial license agreement between HASSI and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans include Burgoyne Bay, Fulford Inner Harbour, Ganges Centennial Wharf, Ganges Kanaka Wharf, Musgrave Landing, and Vesuvius Bay. On January 9, 1997, the former Transport Dock at Fulford Outer Harbour was added to the license agreement. On April 27, 1998, the former Transport Dock in Ganges (the Coast Guard Wharf) was added to the license agreement.  In all, eight different facilities are managed in 5 different harbours.


Operational Requirements of the HASSI

The purpose of HASSI is to operate, maintain and manage public fishing harbours, the extension of which also provides facilities and services to a wide variety of community and marine stakeholders.


The Harbour Authority is locally controlled. To participate in the running of the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island, membership is required in the Harbour Authority of Salt Spring Island Association.  The membership is approved by the Board of Directors.


The Board is a decision-making body and is responsible for: 1) long-term planning; 2) acting as community liaisons; and 3) establishing the environmental, service and operating policies of the HASSI. The day-to-day operations are directed by Harbour Manager and his staff.  The Harbour Manager utilizes Wharfingers for the outlying facilities at Vesuvius, Musgrave, Fulford, and Burgoyne Bay.


The main office is located by the Wharfhead to the Centennial Wharfhead, adjacent to Centennial Park and is open with, few exceptions, throughout the year from 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.